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Our Services

The Washington Valuation Group offers a variety of services to help our clients with their business valuation needs. Our services include:

Transaction Valuations

As business valuation experts, we offer comprehensive business valuation services for startups, acquisitions, sales, mergers, Buy-Sell Agreements, and investments. Our expert team has years of experience in valuating businesses accurately and reliably. Partner with us and let us help you make the right transaction decision for your business.

              Tax Valuations

Make sure your business is valued accurately for tax purposes with our Business Valuation service. Our team of financial experts will provide a detailed valuation report for estate tax and gift tax purposes, ensuring that you have all the information you need to make informed decisions. Trust us to provide an accurate and reliable valuation that will stand up to scrutiny.

Litigation Valuations

Legal disputes can be a challenging and stressful experience, especially when dealing with business valuations. That's where our finance firm comes in. We specialize in providing accurate and reliable business valuations for litigation purposes, including divorce, shareholder disputes, partnership disputes, and bankruptcies. Let us help you navigate this complex process and achieve a fair resolution for all parties involved.

 Growth Consulting

Ready to take your business growth to new heights? Our team at Growth Consulting can help. Our Discover process, which includes an analysis of the 18 drivers of operational performance, can help identify areas where your business can improve and grow. We use a proven methodology that includes both market and operational drivers to ensure your success. With our support, you can achieve real business growth and stay ahead of the competition.

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                              OUR TEAM

The leadership at The Washington Valuation Group has over 25 years of experience in business valuations and financial services both in the corporate world and as a small investment banking firm.  Click below to learn more.

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Our Clients
                    OUR CLIENTS

Here are our most recent clients, Mr. Robert Wheeler and his son, Robert C Wheeler, business owners located in Falls Church, Virginia, sharing their experiences working with The Washington Valuation Group (WVG), after the valuation of their company Tranz Global, Inc. 

Listen to another client, Bishop Ode Hines of Greater Good Samaritan Baptist Church in Washington DC, share his opinion on the valuation The Washington Valuation Group did for his startup FaithCanon, Inc.

Testimonial to Achille Ekeu's character and accomplishments by NACVA's Executive Director, Jonathan Jackson.

Our Team
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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone at 540-782-0801, email us at, or via our social media channels.

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