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With broad experience across a range of industries, The Washington Valuation Group is uniquely qualified to perform valuations for a wide range of companies.  


Below are some in particular that we routinely work with.   


 Transportation and Logistics:


 •   Trucking Company Business Valuations  



Manufacturing and Industrial: 


 •   Manufacturing Company Valuation 

 •   Machine shops 

 •   Valuations for HVAC Businesses 

 •   Structural steel and erection 

 •   Engineering firms 

 •   Electrical contractors 

 •   Plumbing contractors 

 •   Commercial Printers 




 •   Software companies

 •   E-commerce businesses

 •   Defense Contractors  

 •   Websites 


 Retail and "Main Street": 


 •   Business Valuations for Fitness Center 

 •   Pest Control Valuation 

 •   Business Valuations for Gym

 •   Nurseries and garden centers 

 •   Franchises 

 •   Pet Boarding and Grooming 

 •   Miscellaneous Retail 

 •   Auto repair centers 

 •   Landscaping 

 •   Event planners 

 •   Daycare Centers 

 •   Dance studios 

 •   Nails salons   


 Restaurants and Hospitality: 


 •   Bars 

 •   Restaurants 

 •   Franchises 

 •   Pizzeria 

 •   Bakeries   


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