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The Washington Valuation Group. has a wide range of experience - both in terms of the scope of analysis we have performed, but also in terms of the reasons underlying these reports.  


Ranging from larger multi-location manufacturing and distribution concerns to single location retail, we've truly seen it all.  


Our experts will steadily guide you through the process.  

See below for a sampling of some of our work. 




Some Recent Clients 

Here are our most recent clients, Mr Robert Wheeler and his son, Robert C Wheeler,  business owners located in Falls Church, Virginia, sharing their experiences working with the Washington Valuation Group (WVG), after the valuation of their company Tranz Global, Inc. 

Listen to another client, Bishop Ode Hines of Greater Good Samaritan Baptist Church in Washington DC, share his opinion on the valuation The Washington Valuation Group did for his startup FaithCanon, Inc.

Testimonial to Achille Ekeu's character and accomplishments by NACVA's Executive Director, Jonathan Jackson.

Note: NACVA is the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is the most prestigious and preeminent organization in the World in business valuation matters. 

Some Recent Business Valuation Projects 
Valuation Purposes
Valuation of an engineering and construction company for sale
Gretna, Louisiana
Valuation of an airplane garage company for sale
Orlando, Florida
Valuation of cleaning company for sale
Washington DC
Valuation of a dental practice for sale and estate tax
Silver Spring, Maryland
Valuation of a technology startup company for investment
Bocca Raton, Florida
Valuation of a restaurant for growth planning
Washington DC
Valuation of a nail salon for shareholders dispute
Dallas, Texas
Valuation of a railway parts company for sale
Fairfax, Virginia
Valuation for acquisition of a trucking company
Burtonsville, Maryland
Valuation of a restaurant chain for sale
Beltsville, Maryland
Valuation of a liquor store for divorce case
Washington DC
Valuation of a convenience store for shareholder dispute case
Baltimore, Maryland
Valuation of a department store for gift tax
Washington DC
Valuation for sale of a linen store
Oxon Hill, Maryland
Valuation for sale of a retail store
Bowie, Maryland
Valuation of a community pharmacy for estate tax
Washington DC
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