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Capital  Stars Awards®

What Are the Capital Stars AWARDS?

The Capital Stars AWARDS (CSA)  is a program offered by the Washington Valuation Group to businesses and organizations in the USA and around the world to recognize, honor, and celebrate the achievements and successes of not only people within organizations but also entire organizations against their competitors. Also known as "The ADEAN AWARDS", this new name is more befitting of the services we provide to our global clientele. The capital Stars Awards was created in 2017 in Maryland in the United States of America by Achille Ekeu, the President and CEO of the Washington Valuation Group, and Chairman of the CSA.


Whom Do You Recognize?

We offer recognition programs and celebrate individuals as well as organizations' successes at different levels and in different states or countries around the world. 

How Do You Recognize Those Individuals or Organizations?

We work with clients to offer face-to-face or virtual recognition ceremonies during which a variety of Awards are offered based on the specific cases and/or preferences of our clients. Those clients are mostly organizations, associations, corporations, non-profit organizations, and others. 

Who Can Benefit From This Program?

The Capital Stars Awards (CSA) program is a distinguished event organized in partnership with many businesses and major organizations in the world. The program aims at improving employees retention within organizations that have challenges keeping their Best employees and thus leading to high attrition rates. The program helps foster positive competition among organizations and companies within industries by recognizing leaders who take their organizations to the top of the mountain.  

Which Organizations in The World Have You Recognized Recently?

in the last five years, we have worked with organizations in the US and in Africa to support the efforts to celebrate the successes of their members or employees. Some of these organizations include:

  • The Maryland & DC Chapter of the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA) in the USA

  • The Minister of Secondary Education of Cameroon, Pr. Nalova Lyonga Pauline

  • The Alumna Association of former students of ENSET Annexe de Nkolbisson in Cameroon (ADEAN)

There are many other projects we are working on currently but can not share that information for privacy protection reasons.

How Can Anyone Interested in Your Services Contact You?

If you are an organization, association, company, or small business that is interested in recognizing and celebrating the successes of your employees or members, we can help design specific high-quality American Styles Award Certificates that will make your members or employees proud of being part of your organization. 

Contact us at The Washington Valuation Group by:

  1.   Phone: +1 240-274-9570

  2.   Email:

  3.   Our Social Media Platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter


You can also send us a mail at:  601 King Street Suite 200  #273 

                                                         Alexandria VA 22314


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