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Here are our most recent clients, Mr Robert Wheeler and his son, Robert C Wheeler,  business owners located in Falls Church, Virginia, sharing their experiences working with the Washington Valuation Group (WVG), after the valuation of their company Tranz Global, Inc. 

Listen to our recent client, Bishop Ode Hines of Greater Good Samaritan Baptist Church in Washington DC, share his opinion on the valuation The Washington Valuation Group did for his startup, FaithCanon Inc.

Testimonial to Achille Ekeu's character and accomplishments by NACVA's Executive Director, Jonathan Jackson.

Note: NACVA is the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is the most prestigious and preeminent organization in the World in business valuation matters. 

Written Testimonials

This is the best firm for business valuation I have seen. They are very professional and deliver great report that anyone can read and understand. I recommend It to all my friends and co-workers. Excellent company! 

Greg O.

Business Analyst, Annapolis MD

I found The Washington Valuation Group online as I was looking for a firm that could value my sister's business for sale. I contacted them and they were very professional from the beginning to the end. My sister was very pleased with the decision to call WVG for her valuation issues. They were a little pricey but the work is excellent. I would recommend WVG any time.

Rebecca V.

Physician Assistant, Alexandria VA

I needed a valuation done on my father's business after he passed away few months ago. I did not know who to call. I spoke to friend who referrred me to The Washington Valuation Group (WVG). I checked them out online and decided to call them. I am pleased to say I had the best experience you can get from a service company. This is a GREAT valuation firm. I recommend it to everyone.   

Carla P.

Business Executive, Bethesda, MD

I absolutely recommend The Washington Valuation Group for all your valuation needs. The experts that work there know what they are doing and I am pleased that I had my valuation work done from them. The respect, the dedication as well as the quality of their reports are a few great qualities they have compared to their competitors. 

Charles G.

Business Owner, Washington DC

​Finding an expert in business valuation that is so caring, professional and who meets deadlines is very difficult. I had the pleasure of working with the people at The Washington Valuation Group for the valuation of the my mother's pharmacy. They were excellent and helped me get all the necessary documents and they did the valuation and gave me the report before the due date. I recommend that people use this firm for their valuation needs.

Jessica E.

Sales Manager, Silver Spring, MD

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