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New Business Valuation Book


On this page, you will get information about our new book and how to get your copy.

This book has been in the works for a long time now and we want to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase experience. Click the green Get Your Book button in the middle or at the bottom of this page to get your book. 

30 Frequently Asked Questions In Business Valuation

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"Just as every business is unique, no two business valuations are identical."
Business Valuation eBook

Just as every business is unique, no two business valuations are identical; because the facts and circumstances are always changing.  As a business owner, you may think you know how much your business is worth?  You do not.  The reasons are twofold: (1) the value of a business fluctuates as time changes due to internal and external factors, and (2) facts and circumstances of a valuation engagement change dramatically in some cases, therefore, the value will also change. 


In order to determine that value, you need a professional.  How to find an expert?  How much it cost?  How long it takes?  What documents are needed? etc. Those are some of the questions many business owners, and others, are asking that we hope to provide satisfactory answers in this book.


This book, titled: "30 Frequently Asked Questions in Business Valuation." can help you get the answers you are looking for.  We understand there are many other possible questions that can be asked, that also deserve answers.  We decided, for this first edition, to focus on the most important and recurring ones we have received over the years.  The questions are not in any particular order, but they are grouped into four sections to help the reader navigate the book easily.


This book can be used by Business Owners, Attorneys (Business, Trust, Divorce and others), Financial Advisors, Financial Planners, CPAs, Wealth Strategists, Retirement Specialists, Insurance Agents, Financial/Lending Institutions, Business Brokers and others, to help educate themselves and/or answer their clients’ questions.




The book is divided into four sections that include:

  • The Basics of Business Valuation

  • The Business Valuation Process

  • The Types of Business Valuations

  • Advanced Topics in Business Valuation

The first three sections answer questions related to the basics of business valuation, the process and the different types or purposes of business valuations. The last section called advanced topics is devoted to answering very specific and complex questions in a comprehensive manner, by providing more in-depth analyses with, in some cases, some examples to better explain to the reader what it is we are talking about.  



Layout Of The Book

Here are some testimonials we received from readers of the book

Will Thomas III, CFP® CIMA®, CTFA

Washington, DC



I wanted to send you my thoughts on your e-book.


As a seasoned Certified Financial Planner, I have to say that this book was extremely well written; both comprehensively and easy to comprehend.  The answers to many complex scenarios have been explained in a manner where they can be easily digested by my clients.


As an advisor to many business owners, I now have a useful on-hand resource that allows me to give sound counsel to my clients. For small business owners, their business is more than just their job, it's their life, it's who they are. And this book really shows them the value and the importance of why their business should be measured and valued correctly.



Maurice Temfack

Montreal, Canada

Achille, I took the time to go through all the paragraphs of your book and I can reassure you that if every person who wanted to go into business read this book, he would stop for a moment to review his project For he will have learned to understand that without certain preliminary basis he only sets out for an adventure that could be fatal to him.


If there are often a lot of bankruptcies in some of our business sectors, it's because we do everything in amateurism and luck. This book is very well structured with diagrams and graphs in its form, and very pedagogical in its content. It is well known that it was the hand of a teacher who wrote it. Even if there are words that are not usual for the layman of the Financial & Businesses, the language, and style are so simple that everyone who has an average level of education could understand the content.


This Is really a document to be advised for business "Start-Uppers" (which are numerous in Cameroon at present). As someone asked, if he could have the version in French, it would help them enormously, but I find that the English in this book is quite simplified.
Congratulations. (Keep going).

Samuel Wolde

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Dear Mr. Achille Ekeu
Thank you very much for your email. I am a Chartered Valuer from UK MRICS on property plant and machinery. I am an Ethiopian living and working in Ethiopia. After I took Business Valuation training, I am now carrying out Business Valuation in Ethiopia. I have downloaded your eBook in order to upgrade my business valuation capacity and also to be familiar with frequently asked questions in business valuation.
Thank you very much for your help
Kind Regards

Fritz Bell

Yaounde, Cameroon

Hello Achille, I thank you already enormously because you make me discover a new field of activity for me. I have actually gone through the document and despite the limitations in English and the technical nature, I find a certain interest there. I would like to see a French version, but I would like to go beyond this by proposing that you consider a conference for us and our children in Cameroon as soon as possible. Thanks again for this additional knowledge.


See you soon I hope!

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Book Discussion Event At Georgetown Library         on August 24th, 2017


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