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Current Valuation Data

When doing valuations, Experts need some data to analyze the financial and economic environment in which companies are operating under. Here we publish some of these public data.

Here is the latest Morningstar 4th Quarter 2022 Outlook (Posted 10/11/22).


While the short-term outlook is bleak, we believe the market has overcorrected and is now trading in deeply undervalued territory. We believe the market is overly gloomy about stock prices' long-term prospects.

What's in the Fourth-Quarter Forecast?

Inflation and GDP growth projections.
Wide-moat stocks that are undervalued.
Mega-cap stocks lag behind the market.

Congressional Budget Office (CBO)

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) is a strickly non-partisan group of financial and economic Experts located in the US Congress. It was created in 1975 and conducts objective and impartial analyses of budgetary and economic issues to support the Congressional budget process. Each year, the agency’s economists and budget analysts produce dozens of reports and hundreds of cost estimates for proposed legislation.

CBO budget analyses and financial projections are critical to understanding the national economic environment that businesses have to integrate into their projections. 

Here is the most recently published report by the CBO: 

The Long-Term Budget Outlook 2022 (Posted 10/11/2022).

Click below to download.

Federal Reserve's Beige Book

Summary of Federal Reserve District Commentary on Current Economic Conditions.

This report, often known as the Beige Book, is issued eight times per year. Through reports from Bank and Branch directors and conversations with key business contacts, economists, market experts, and other sources, each Federal Reserve Bank collects anecdotal information on current economic conditions in its District. This information is summarized in the Beige Book by District and Sector. A chosen Federal Reserve Bank prepares an overall summary of the twelve district reports on a rotational basis.

Here is the latest Federal Reserve Report published on September 7, 2022.    


The U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) is your source of accurate and objective data about the nation's economy.

BEA's economists produce some of the world's most closely watched statistics, including U.S. gross domestic product, better known as GDP. They publish state and local numbers, too, plus foreign trade and investment stats and industry data. 

The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) promotes a better understanding of the U.S. economy by providing the most timely, relevant, and accurate economic accounts data in an objective and cost-effective manner.

BEA is an agency of the Department of Commerce.

BEA produces economic accounts statistics that enable government and business decision-makers, researchers, and the American public to follow and understand the performance of the nation's economy. To do this, BEA collects source data, conducts research and analysis, develops and implements estimation methodologies, and disseminates statistics to the public.

Here is the current data published by the Bureau of Economic Analysis

Here is the Bearfacts page for national and local data: Click Here!


Pr. Aswath Damodaran is a Professor of Finance at the Stern School of Business at New York University. He teaches the corporate finance and valuation courses in the MBA program as well as occasional short-term classes around the world on both topics. He received his MBA and Ph.D degrees from the University of California at Los Angeles.

His research interests lie in valuation, portfolio management and applied corporate finance. His papers have been published in the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, the Journal of Finance, the Journal of Financial Economics and the Review of Financial Studies. 

He has written four books on equity valuation (Damodaran on Valuation, Investment Valuation, The Dark Side of Valuation, The Little Book of Valuation) and two on corporate finance (Corporate Finance: Theory and Practice, Applied Corporate Finance: A User’s Manual). He also co-edited a book on investment management with Peter Bernstein (Investment Management) and  has two books on portfolio management - one on investment philosophies (Investment Philosophies) and one titled Investment Fables.  In addition Pr. damodaran also have a book, titled Strategic Risk Taking, which is an exploration of how we think about risk and the implications for risk management. His newest book, Narrative and Numbers,was published in January 2017.

Here is the link to his page: Click Here!



Dealstats is the new generation of private and public company transaction comparables for valuation and M&A professionals. DealStats  is a state-of-the-art platform that boasts the most complete financials on acquired companies in both the private and public sectors. 

Every transaction in DealStats is rigorously reviewed by BVR’s dedicated team of financial analysts in real time. Whether you are valuing a business, deriving a sale price, benchmarking performance or conducting fairness opinion research, you won’t find more complete and trustworthy comparable data in any other source.

Here is the link to Business Valuation Resources' DEALSTATS:  Click Here!


Risk Management Association (RMA)

Financial and risk professionals need high-quality benchmarking data to make smarter financial and operational decisions. RMA Statement Studies® is the main source of comparative industry benchmark data on small and medium-sized borrowers and their data come directly from RMA’s member institutions. 

Here is the link to RMA's Statement Studies: Click Here!

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