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Valuations for tax purposes include: Estate tax, Gift tax and Income tax. These types of valuations are very detailed and require the highest level of assurance from the valuation analyst. This is done through a thorough analysis of the subject company/interest to derive a Conclusion of Value. Generally, reports are sent to the Internal Revenue Service or other interested government agencies. Click here to read more.

Transactions valuations are valuations for purchase or sale of a business. Valuations for mergers as well as buy-sell agreements are also transaction valuations. For these types of valuations the client just wants to know how much is the value of the business. The valuation analyst meets with the client and agrees on the method to use to determine the value of the company. The value calculated could be conveyed verbally to the client, or through a calculation report. Click here to read more.

Valuations for litigation purpose are those valuations needed in cases of divorce proceedings, shareholders disputes, and other litigation cases. Determining the value of assets is critical for the Trier of Fact (Judge). The standard of value could be Fair Value, Fair Market Value or Investment Value. The Valuation Analyst has to make that determination and issue a report that is based on the determined standard. Click here to read more.

Here are our most recent clients, Mr Robert Wheeler and his son, Robert C Wheeler,  business owners located in Falls Church, Virginia, sharing their experiences working with the Washington Valuation Group (WVG), after the valuation of their company Tranz Global, Inc. 

The Washington Valuation Group offers valuation services for a variety of industries. Some of the industries we provide valuation services for are: Transportation, Manufacturing and Industrial, Construction, Technology, Retails and "Main Street", Restaurants and Hospitality to name a few. Click here to read more.

We work with a variety of referral sources to keep the firm on solid ground. Some of our partners include: Certified Public Accountants, Law Firms, Financial Advisors, Wealth Strategist/Advisors and Estate planners to name a few. Click here to read more.

In addition to valuation services, The Washington Valuation Group offers consulting services that many of our clients find very valuable to their businesses. We help small business owners improve the value of their businesses by determining the key drivers of their businesses and helping them improve their performance.  Click here to read more.

Listen to our recent client, Bishop Ode Hines of Greater Good Samaritan Baptist Church in Washington DC, share his opinion on the valuation The Washington Valuation Group did for his startup FaithCanon Inc.

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