Our Partners

Certified Public Accountants

The Washington Valuation Group routinely partners with CPAs and Accounting Firms to help them provide business valuation services to their clients without having to develop an in-house practice.  


This can be particularly useful for smaller firms where there is not sufficient scale to justify the cost of building out a valuation practice.  


CPAs and accounting firms will use our services for a full range of reasons to meet their clients needs.  They often include: 


  • Valuations for Tax Reporting

  • Estate Planning / Gift Tax

  • Divorce Proceedings

  • Valuations for C-Corp Conversions

  • Validate pricing for business sales / purchases




The Washington Valuation Group works closely with attorneys on a variety of matters.  Our role is either as a consulting expert or expert witness. 


We routinely prepare reports for situations regarding privately held companies, as well as analyze valuation reports produced by others. 


The most common scenarios that we work with legal counsel are: 

  • Divorce - Business Valuations for Divorce Proceedings.  

  • Estates and Gifts - Business Valuations for Estate Planning or Gift tax. 

  • Lost Profits / Economic Damages

  • Buy-Sell Agreements - Business Valuations for Purchases or Sales, as well as funding cross-purchase agreements via insurance.  



Note:  Involve us early on in the process.  We find that we often can save time and resources for the client by having input early rather than at the last minute.

Estate Planners and Financial/Wealth Advisors

WVG often works hand in hand with Financial Advisors / Estate Planners on a range of issues.  

Foremost, we support reporting requirements for gifting of interests in private companies.  


Additionally, we are a trusted resource when shareholders are approaching a potential liquidity event.  

  • Gifting.  We perform valuations for both majority and minority (i.e. applying Discounts) interests being gifted in support of an estate plan or upon the death of a shareholder.  Valuations are often performed for FLP's, FLLC's,  simple holding companies, or operating companies.  

  • Liquidity Events.  In many cases the largest asset in your client's portfolio is an illiquid operating company. Smart business owners plan carefully for an exit, and understanding how the company value (and thus sale proceeds) fit into their financial plan is critical. We help your client through this phase - and help you capture the liquidity event as an investable asset.   



Note:  Involve us early on in the process.  We find that we often can save time and resources for the client by having input early rather than at the last minute.

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