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  • By Achille Ekeu, MBA, CVA

Is This A Testimonial Or What?

Bishop Ode Hines of the Greater Good Samaritan Baptist Church in Washington DC, a workshop participant and recent client of The Washington Valuation Group (WVG).


Bishop Ode Hines is one of our recent clients located in the Washington DC Metro area who had his startup valued by our company few months ago. He attended our last business valuation workshop organized in partnership with the Prince George's County Economic Development Corporation on Monday August 27th 2018 from 3:00 to 4:00pm.

In this video testimonial, Bishop Hines shares his total satisfaction of the service he received from the Washington Valuation Group and recommends every business owner to seek our services. As you know or may not know, business valuation is done at every stage of a business life cycle (startup, growth, maturity, declining).

"When You Think Business Valuation, Think The Washington Valuation Group!"


Business Valuation Workshop

Our most anticipated business valuation workshop in the Washington Metro Area was held on Monday August 27th 2018 at the Innovation Station on the 4th floor of the Prince George's County Economic Development Corporation (PGCEDC) building in Largo Maryland from 3:00 pm to 4:00pm.

There were upward of 35 participants.

The Topic of the workshop was: Understanding And Tracking The Value of Your Company

Here are some of the participants to the business valuation workshop!

Click below to download my Biography:

Click below to download the Agenda of the Workshop:

Click below to download the Frequently Asked Questions flyer and get a copy of our recently published book titled: 30 Frequently Asked Questions In Business Valuation

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