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  • By Achille Ekeu, MBA, CVA

Our Clients Are Speaking Up! Are You Listening?

Here is a testimonial from recent clients (father and son), Robert Wheeler and his son Robert C. Wheeler, owners of Tranz Global, Inc. located in Falls Church, VA. They contacted the Washington Valuation Group for the valuation of their company few weeks ago. They provided us with all the documents we needed. We did the valuation and submitted our report. They were very satisfied and agreed to give us their opinions of our work.

Here is another testimonial form another recent client, Bishop Ode Hines, CEO of FaithCanon, Inc. located in Boca Raton, Florida, who contacted The Washington Valuation Group for a valuation of their new social media platform for Christians. They provided us with their business plan, we helped them with their financial projections and did the valuation of their start-up. We submitted our report and had a video conference call with all the Board Members of the company located in various cities around the World. Bishop Hines was very satisfied and agreed to share his experience working with us.

Those are some of our recent clients who where willing to share their experience with us on video. Many others sent us written statements that you can read on our Testimonials Page.

We want to take this opportunity to Thank all our clients and particularly those who agreed to share their opinions of our work with the public. Thank You!

For anyone looking to get their business valued, please contact us at 240-274-9570 or at

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