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  • Achille Ekeu, MBA, CVA

Achille Ekeu Honored at NACVA's Annual Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah

From left to right: Jonathan Jackson (Executive Director), Pam Bailey (Retired Former Executive Director), myself, and Parnell Black (CEO).

The 2019 NACVA Annual Conference

We just came back from our Annual Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, last week during which we had the opportunity to learn the most recent trends in our industry shared by excellent Speakers, Professionals, Experts and Leaders at the top of our industry today. Some of our chapter members presented or co-presented during the conference.

I was particularly impressed with the organization of this conference that I found excellent, particularly the five star hotel we were in (The Grand America Hotel), the great number of participants coming from various parts of the United States and the World and the exceptional quality of topics that were discussed during the various sessions.

My visit to NACVA's headquarters was exciting as I met almost all those employees who help us achieve the level of success our organization enjoys today. First class organization.

Our traditional MD-DC Chapter dinner was held at the Caffe Molise in downtown Salt Lake City on Friday June 7, 2019 from 6:30pm to 10:00pm. We had double digits participation this year as previous years. A jazz band helped us digest the exceptional food served in that restaurant.

Finally, I was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for my involvement in the association as Chapter President for MD-DC and as Board Member in the Valuation Credentialing Board (VCB), by our Chief Executive Officer, Parnell Black.

I want to thank all those members who took part in this year's exceptional annual conference on site or online. Next year's conference will be in Philadelphia.

Here is the certificate of appreciation that came with the Award.

Annual Conference Pictures Gallery

Below is a gallery of pictures we took during the annual conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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